Install Ubuntu 18.04 alongside two Windows 10

by Sher852   Last Updated May 15, 2018 20:02 PM

My computer setup is: - 1- SSD 120GB - 1- HHD 320GB - 1- HHD 1TB

I have two partitions on SSD of Windows 10 (one for work, another for games/testing/whatever) and I want to install Ubuntu on my 320GB HHD. However, Ubuntu installer doesn't recognize Windows.

I tried to select "More options" to make the partitions for my own but when installer start said "errno 5 input/output" I redownloaded ISO, tried other pendrives and every USB conection of my PC but always the same error.

Is there anything I can do?

Thank you very muche in advance.

Answers 1

I had a similar issue back then when I was installing Ubuntu alonside Win7 & Win10, I made it through:

  1. Installing Ubuntu on a separate partition .
  2. After installation I found that grub won't read Windows Installations, tried sudo upgrade-grub but still no resolution.
  3. Found a utiltity named boot-repair and it did the work.
Vishesh Gautam
Vishesh Gautam
May 15, 2018 19:58 PM

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