Ubuntu 18.04 - Ethernet disconnected after suspend

by aaaa   Last Updated April 28, 2018 15:02 PM

Ethernet doesnt resume after suspend.

sudo service network-manager restart does not work.-Only restart solves problem.

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Answers 2

It detects the Ethernet Connection?


open NetworkManager.conf

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

Comment (Add #) the dns=dnsmasq



Restart the Network manager

sudo service network-manager restart
Santhosh Veer
Santhosh Veer
April 28, 2018 14:46 PM

It happened to me too.

Unload/reload network kernel modules/drivers works.

Mine is r8169, so (as root): modprobe -r r8169 (I typed by hand, so there was a delay) modprobe -i r8169

I also removed mii during my first try. Not necessary though.

April 28, 2018 14:54 PM

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