How to [BOND] internet Connections on Ubuntu/Linux* for specific purpose of mirrorstripe or Torrent?

by TardisGuy   Last Updated March 13, 2018 07:02 AM

nites. crickets Ubunters?... K.

I have recently been attampting to spackcle some massive holes in my CS-Ed, by finally learning Networking. (Something I skipped. sok I deserve ridicule)

= I am trying to learn how to bond internet connections, how they can be and the why they cant be(s)

  • I am first trying to slave connections: Specifically for the purpose of multiple mirror downloading (IE: Internet Download Manager, Downthemall, etc...)
  • As well as Torrenting

  • But of course, not necessarily general acceleration (browsing, streaming, etc)

i know ifenslave is at least part of this, but im... missing something.

If someone could put a Practical Hypthetical script for me to reverse engineer... that would be enough, perhaps.

The internet connections/options are 1. WLAN + LTE

  1. LTE + ETH0*

  2. WLAN + ETH0*

  3. ETH0* + ETH1*

*Ethernet dongles/adapters via USB 3.1/3.0

==== END ====

Bonus round anticipating questions...

Platform: Android + Ubuntu chroot Ultimate goal? To bond two connections and then forward it into a tether/VPN/etc to computer. Will you please go away? Im sorry dave. im afraid i cant do that.

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