Grub menu is not appearing after Ubuntu 16.04 install on top of windows 10?

by AIR   Last Updated February 21, 2018 17:02 PM

I installed the ubuntu 16.04 on top of Windows 10(meaning 200gb for windows and 100gb for ubuntu). while installing I made a mistake(not sure, but ubuntu loads fine and I am able to do all tasks in ubuntu). Because of that, I see ubuntu is loading directly without showing the grub menu. I don't want to install again and again to make dual boot work. Any workaround such that I can see the grub menu(to switch to windows 10 os) without losing the Ubuntu.

I am not restarting the ubuntu because I don't want to lose ubuntu now.

The below case looks similar but afraid to try this one. Grub menu not appearing after reinstall and boot repair

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