Ubuntu 16.04 in boot loop

by 9voltWolfXX   Last Updated February 21, 2018 15:02 PM

I recently tried to update all my stuff with sudo apt-get update, but after my computer restarted I could not log in. If I type in the correct password, the screens turns black, and has an error message in the top right corner:"System problem detected. Do you want to report the problem now?" However, I cannot interact with the error box, either to click cancel or report problem, and the screen blacks out again, bringing me to the gray gnome login screen again. I've tried all the fixes on this website (https://www.linuxslaves.com/2016/05/3-ways-fix-ubuntu-gets-stuck-login-loop.html?m=1) but none worked; I tried these through recovery mode's root command line. I do not have Nvidia drivers, and I cannot access the command line with Ctrl Alt F1 from the login screen, as it freezes or does not do anything. Worth noting that the Ubuntu GNOME I run was not originally the GUI I used; it was installed after Unity. It always had a few errors (frequent error messages, sometimes the time settings menu in the top right, or random letters were invisible) but not like this. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what version of Ubuntu I was trying to update to, but I can get that info if told how. I also have Windows 10 installed, but use it very rarely. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron. Thanks.

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