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by hqt   Last Updated May 09, 2018 20:01 PM

I use MacOS image ( pre-install vmware image on internet). It works for me.

But, the problem I have met is: my LCD is 1366x768 (wide sreen ratio), but when I start MacOS. Here is how it appear:

VMWare Logo --> Apple logo --> Login page --> Main Screen

All these screen just happen in normal ratio (mean height side == wide side)

I have successfully done a tutorial to change the resolution (config file Apple.boot.plist)

But, when I restart again, nothing change.

@: I'm not sure, but when restart, first thing I met is VMWare logo, and it's normal ratio. So, maybe problem is from VMWare ?

Please help me.

Thanks :)

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Boy its been a long time and no one has answered this. I am sure @hqt might have figured it out by now. But for other you might stumble upon here looking for answers ( as I did and was disappointed.)

In order to get the desired screen resolution for your guest OSX installation. You can use :

VM SVGA2 from Sourceforge. (Tip for OSX noob - Its 3rd party software so OSX wont allow you to open it directly. Simple solution - CTRL + Left click -> Open Or A permanent fix - tinker in System Preference -> Security & Privacy)

Which after installing will give you other options in System Preference -> Display -> Resolutions.

After install - Options

This I think workd only for VMware virtualization. I tried doing the manual way of changing the "com.apple.Boot.plist" file, But I didnt get it working. I am not sure whether this will work VirtualBox virtualization but there are other methods available for it. Check the link provided below.


Amit Ahire
Amit Ahire
January 05, 2013 15:22 PM

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