Attempting to encrypt existing PVs in EKS

by portezthechillr   Last Updated August 14, 2019 15:01 PM

I'm attempting to encrypt our existing PVs in EKS. Basically been searching the net and haven't come up with a solid solution. Our K8s version is 1.11 on EKS. Our PVs are EBS volumes. We currently have account level ebs encryption enabled but didn't when these resources were made.

I attempted to stop the ASG and the node. Created a snapshot and new encrypted volume then ran:

kubectl patch pv pvc-xxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxx -p '{"spec":{"awsElasticBlockStore":{"volumeID":"aws://us-east-1b/vol-xxxxx"}}}'

but was met with:

The PersistentVolume is invalid: spec.persistentvolumesource: Forbidden: is immutable after creation

I'm looking for a solution to this issue or to validate that is in fact not possible. Potential relevant github issue:

Thanks in advance

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