USB devices not mounting

by Philip Eagles   Last Updated August 14, 2019 15:01 PM

I have a Lenovo Legion Y530 laptop which is just over 6 months old. It has suddenly stopped working USB storage devices (my bluetooth mouse and dongle is completely unaffected). This laptop has Windows 10 and Ubuntu 19.04 set up as a dual boot. Both OSes have started this behaviour at the same time (making me believe this is either a hardware, chipset or BIOS issue). This seems to be affecting the USB C port as well as the 3x USB A ports (all USB 3.1) but I only have 1 USB C device which is a USB hub so can't test other devices on this.

This issue has happened a few days after last installing updates and I've restarted the device a few times since then without noticing anything so I do not think it's related to this.

So far I have tried:

None of the above seem to have solved anything.

For some reason this seems to only be affecting storage devices - I am able to charge my phone fine through any port and transfer files just fine, my mouse uses a bluetooth dongle which works in any point, and I have a 8GB USB stick which lights up when powered - this does light up (but takes a few seconds whereas before was almost instantaneous) but is never mounted.

On Ubuntu if I run lsusb then I do get an entry of Bus 001 Device 010: ID 058f:1234 Alcor Micro Corp. Flash Drive for the USB stick but when viewed through the Disks utility GUI it does not show any useful details. Additionally, clicking the gears icon only allows the Edit Mount Options feature.

Disks display

Similarly in Windows 10 the Disk Management program reports the USB as not initialised and fails to initialise it regardless of being in MBR or GPT option being selected.

I have also tried this with a couple of other USB sticks and they all have the same issue. If it weren't for the USB ports still charging my phone and working with my mouse I'd assume there was a hardware issue but as these work fine I'm assuming it might be something more like a chipset or maybe BIOS issue.

How can I find out what is causing this (and how can I go about fixing it)?

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