Stucking of replaced ctrl on Ubuntu on virtualbox

by KiYugadgeter   Last Updated August 14, 2019 14:01 PM

I using Ubuntu on VirtualBox (Host Windows10 Home 1903.)
I have replace CapsLock to Ctrl only on Ubuntu. (not replace key on Windows10 Host).

When I use vim I use Ctrl-[ (actually Caps-[ ) to back to normal mode, but it get stuck Ctrl so I need push Shift-Caps to purge stuck of ctrl for each time (actually Shift-Caps).

I would like to replace Caps to Ctrl on Ubuntu VM only (not Windows Host).
How do I avoid stuck Ctrl on ubuntu?

Note that I do not enable sticky key function.

  • Virtual Box 6.0.10
  • Host: Windows 10 Home 1903
  • Guest : Ubuntu 19.04
  • Gnome (on ubuntu VM) : 3.32.1

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