inconsistency while using ulimit

by user3808748   Last Updated August 13, 2019 21:01 PM

I am running into an inconsistency while using ulimit. I make changes directly to the conf file "/etc/security/limits.conf".

Whenever I use just user names, I have zero problems. For example:

root hard as 16777207
user1 hard as 4194304
user2 hard as 4194304

The second I try to use * wildcard or @groups, things start to get wierd. For example:

* hard as 4194304 
@group hard as 4194304
root hard as 16777207

all users including root have "as" value of 4194304. my group list is huge, 100's of users who change, so managing this .conf file with users is not an option.

How can i solve the issue where using the wildcard or @group also changes root value, when i want root to have its very own values?


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