Why does my color printer only print in black on one computer but print in color for the rest?

by Jeffrey Roughgarden   Last Updated May 20, 2019 01:01 AM

Our home network has an HP Laserjet 200 color m251nw printer installed that had been working just fine for all machines on the network. But now one machine (A) will not print color although other machines (B, C) can still print color. This suggests it's local to the A machine. I've rebooted the A machine and rebooted the printer, with no improvement.

I have logged onto A as a different admin user and it still won't print color, suggesting it's not a CurrentUser setting. I have also verified that it won't print color from several different apps, e.g Word and Chrome.

If it's not user level or app level, it seems it must be machine level. Does anyone know of a machine level setting that may have gotten inserted or changed to produce this behavior?

Thank you for any ideas or assistance.

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