Excel sometimes display garbage during F2

by Wemmick   Last Updated May 15, 2019 18:01 PM

I have fairly large Excel sheets under Excel 2016. Lately, I have noticed that sometimes when editing cell (F2), the formula on top left of screen is showing correct like =SUM(xxx:yyy), but on the cell, it is displaying garbage, in fact the garbage always takes the current cell and the next cell to the right of it.

Image of cell during F2

Not all F2s have this, only some. I have tried to copy format from a good cell to these bad cells, and the result is the same, so it is not a formatting issue.

I have tried to scroll the screen up and down so the cell is in a different position on the screen and the same cell have the same effect, so it is not some bad spots on the monitor.

However, related to that, I have 2 screens, and when I move (drag) the Excel from screen 1 to screen 2, I no longer have this effect and the Excel cells are displaying properly. Drag it back to screen 1, and the same cell have the same display effects during F2.

So far, Excel is the only app that has this effect. Question... does this look like a hardware problem (video card?) or a software problem (Excel)? I have not noticed this before, but it may be because the Excel sheet was not as large as before.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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