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Using Autohotkey in Windows 10 to open up frequently used apps which will not duplicate opening up a program if it has already launched (IfWinNotExist). I have set a timer because some apps open up slower than others (I would be interested to know if there is a better way to do this).


Problem is that there isn't a way to use WinMove for specifying a Virtual Desktop for win10 to launch an application in. So I struggle running my frequentlyusedapps-script and going into another Virtual Desktop to open up other apps simultaneously. This is because what ever Virtual Desktop i'm focusing on is what my frequentlyusedapps-script will move the window to.


How to have autohotkey move an application to a Virtual Desktop? If the virtualdesktop-number isn't created then the script will obviously fail to move the app, but this isn't my focus just yet. I could otherwise create the appropriate number of Virtual Desktops prior to launching my frequentlyusedapps-script

  IfWinNotExist, ahk_exe program1.exe
    Run "C:\Dir\program1.exe"
    Sleep, 1000
    WinMove, ahk_exe program1.exe,, 953, 61, 967, 1019
    TrayTip, openfrequentlyusedapps, ok, 1,
  IfWinNotExist, ahk_exe program2.exe
    Run "C:\Dir\program2.exe"
    Sleep, 2000
    WinMove, ahk_exe program2.exe,, -7, 61, 813, 516
    TrayTip, openfrequentlyusedapps, ok, 1,

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