Both OS selections in startup boot into the same operating system

by FaiqTorres   Last Updated November 17, 2018 03:01 AM

Currently I'm using my brother's laptop since mine went to the service. While starting up Windows Boot Manager screen shows me that I have two operating systems available (both Windows 7). I thought this might me caused by an windows.old folder in C drive. I checked and deleted this folder. Upon restarting I assumed I wouldn't be subjected to select an OS while booting and go directly to the "starting windows" screen now. To my surprise I was asked to select an OS again. I selected the second "Windows 7" option this time and the same OS booted up. Even though my laptop tells me that there are two OSs they both boot into the same thing. What do you think would cause this and how to remove this option?

I couldn't screenshot it so I'm adding this picture. In my case both selections are Windows 7, not XP.

enter image description here

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