Analyse all the running processes on PC

by Rain   Last Updated November 16, 2018 20:01 PM

I'm using XPS 9560 laptop, with 16GB RAM, last gen i7 CPU and 512GB SSD.

Windows 10 Pro, all updates have been installed for OS and drivers.

Problem is that this computer has started recently to lag with simple operations, like having 20 Chrome tabs, Steam, Skype and Notepad open. Like visible lag, delay when words characters to Notepad level.

It only lasts for maximum on ~1 minute before it speeds up to more or less normal speeds, but the fans are also almost at always running on maximum speed. Sometimes lowering to more quiet levels, but most of the time running intensively.

I suspect there might be some hidden cryto miner or something similar, even though MalwareBytes doesn't find anything.

So, are there any good, recommended process analysis tools that I could use to dig deeper?

It's also very odd that my GPU usage (GTX 1050) jumps between 1% - 28% very randomly. Plus, the fact that there like 400 Processes running at any given time. 5x COM surrogates, 5x Console Windows Hosts, 2x CTF Loaders, 3x HD Audio Background Processes and so on.

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