No boot menu is show during bootup

by masiboo   Last Updated November 16, 2018 12:01 PM

My laptop DELL PRECISION 3530 has 1 TB SSD. I installed 3 OS. First Windows 10, then Linux mint 19 and then Ubuntu 18. During the installation I had to straggle in the BIOS option. This laptop has option UEFI option. I didn't know anything about it. If UEFI and secure boot enable. When I bootup with the either Mint Linux or Ubuntu Linux, it doesn't show me my unallocated space. I was totally confused. Then I asked a question about it here:- Mint Linux can't find unallocated ssd disk sapce

Anyway later I disable UEFI option and turn on legacy option in BIOS. After that I can see my total SSD and all space. Then I installed Mint and Ubuntu. But after installation. I was expecting that there will be a boot menu to select which OS to bootup. Now it doesn't show any boot menu at all. Here is pic of GParted :-

enter image description here

Please tell me how can I get the boot menu to boot any of the OS?

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I found the actual issue. It is mainly BIOS setup for the latest model laptops comes with UEFI and secure boot options. I had to follow the following options:

  1. select UEFI enable it
  2. Secure boot disable it.
  3. QuickBoot/FastBoot disable it.
  4. Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) disable it.
  5. SATA has multiple options. RAIDR, AHCI, etc. Select AHCI mode.

Then boot the Linux infestation by DVD or USB. Well, the latest laptop comes without any CD/DVD ROM.

Now you should see the whole SSD. To verify it just lunch GParted. Thanks to GabrielaGarcia for helpful suggestions.

November 16, 2018 11:08 AM

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