Azure VNet + VPN setup

by JleruOHeP   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:01 PM

I have a Microsoft Azure account with 2 subscriptions.

In "subscription 1" I have a VNet with a Virtual Network Gateway with Point-To-Site configuration. I can VPN to this network from my local PC and enjoy its empty beauty. To fill this in I added a Virtual Machine into this network without a public access and only a private IP. And I can ssh into this VM when connected to VPN - all as expected.

Now, inside the "subscription 2" I have another VNet with a VM. No gateways. How can I allow ssh access to that 2nd VM when I have VPN to my 1st network?

I tried to add VNet peering between those 2 VNets - from both ends, but with no luck. Those 2 subnets are in 2 different locations, because of that "Allow gateway transit" and "Use remote gateways" checkboxes for peering are not available.

Is there a way to configure it correctly? Or do I need to recreate the VPN network in the same location as the 2nd one?

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