is Excel VBA/Macro a good tool for this specific task?

by B Chen   Last Updated September 14, 2018 16:01 PM

Not a coder so until I learn how to run a simple script that can do the job, I am hoping Excel VBA/Macro can help make my job easier. Below is the task and I wonder if VBA/Macro is capable of doing it.

11292 rows of item (e.g., individuals), categorized in 33 groups (e.g. ethnicity). Groups vary in sizes. Within each group, I need to calculate the fold difference of a measured value (e.g., salary) from the lowest to the highest. There are 10 different "measurements" for the total dataset (e.g., "salary" and "monthly grocery expenses" as two "measurements").

The current workflow is as follows 1. using Excel, I sort 11292 rows of data based on group and then value. 2. I manually limit my calculation within the same group, set the lowest value in the group as 1 and calculate the fold change for the rest of the group 3. repeat the same calculation for the next group (32 repeats)

Although the process seems iterative, a few challenges exist to automate the process (in my mind) 1. VBA/Macro needs to "identify" the groups and restrict its calculation within each group 2. VBA/Macro needs to "identify" the lowest value in each group and calculate the fold change accordingly.

Is VBA/Macro a good tool (for a non-coder) to handle this task?


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