How to reduce resolution for a specific tool?

by user3119384   Last Updated August 10, 2018 13:01 PM

I am having an issue at the place I work at. We are using a tool to manage all our patients, keep radiographs, payments, and all the data about them. Recently I have aquired a new computer and a pair of 4k monitors.

It was a big expense but it was worthing it as I am a geek deep inside, but now that everything is installed I have noticed that our management tool isn't 4k capable.

I post a screenshot in both resolution so you can see the problem:

Full HD:

Full HD home

Full HD agenda

Now when I set it to 4k, everything is buggy, buttons won't work and the tool looks strange:

4k Home

4k agenda

Is there a way to keep using 4k but to set this particular tool to run in Full HD? What other solution?

Thank you

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