How to fix the location of a comment with pane freeze?

by Dominique   Last Updated August 10, 2018 13:01 PM

I'm having issues again with an old Excel bug (currently version 'Home and Business 2016'):

I use "Freeze panes" for keeping several headings in my worksheet.
I add a comment to one of the headings, that comment spans over different lines.

As the comment spans over different lines, it goes over the "pane freezer", that "pane freezer" cuts my comment into two parts.

If I start scrolling, the bottom part of my comment also scrolls, making the comment unreadable, as you can see in following screenshot:


In order to workaround this bug, I have edited my comment, and I have placed it above of the "pane freezer", but after having finished that, next time that I show the comment, it goes back to its original position, which causes the bug to appear again.

Is there a way to save the location of a comment, in order for the comment not to be split during scrolling?

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