Moving data from one sheet to another via a hyperlink

by David Gardiner   Last Updated August 10, 2018 13:01 PM

Hi I've searched the existing questions and found similar questions and answers but none that meet my requirements.

i have a spreadsheet where i wish to be able to click on links in one spreadsheet to them take you to the second, placing the value in the cell clicked into a field in the second.

For example, the first sheet in column A will contain the units IT, Finance, Networks

Click on any of these fields should take the user to the second sheet called "Sub Unit" placing the value of the cell in A1 where i can then write if statements to populate the sub unit list, for example clicking on IT would put IT in cell A1 and then via if statements in A3-A5 would make those as

Security, Support, Development

Then i would reuse similar vb code so that if someone clicks on a sub unit name, it takes them to a third sheet that will show the details for the sub unit.

Hope that makes sense,

I'm very new to vba so please indicate where i should place any code (e.g. in the tab, right click, view code, or in some different place)


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