Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Removing Recovery setup

by Bjørn   Last Updated August 02, 2018 13:01 PM

I have two drives..

By a mistake i created a "Recovery" type setup from the main disk with the operative system on, to the secondary disk. It seems i lost all the data on my secondary disk, which is fine, i suppose, but i can't figure out how to tear apart the setup again, and let the secondary drive be visible as a D drive that i can use.

I can go to "Manage" and click "Access recovery disk files" and get up the same files that i have on the disk. When i do this i can also see the partitions it made in Disk Management, but i am not allowed to delete, or change the partitions there...

I suppose I have to command IRST to let go of the control it now has. Anybody knows where this is done from?

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