Why is a huge leap to MySQL 8.0 from 5.7?

by Blaszard   Last Updated July 12, 2018 01:01 AM

I recently upgraded MySQL to 8.0 from 5.7 via homebrew, as it warns me not the latest version. At first I was surprised to see it was already 8.0 as the last time I use was 5.7, but then found that there are no 6 and 7 versions.

However, I struggle to find any relevant explanations on the web regarding why it sees such a gigantic leap to 8.0. While it may be just a convention, these myopic version managemen only confuses users without any reasons.

So why does it see such a leap and skip over 6 and 7?

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Why did MySQL version numbering skip versions 6 and 7 and go straight to 8.0?

"Due to the many new and important features we were introducing in this MySQL version, we decided to start a fresh new series. As the series numbers 6 and 7 had actually been used before by MySQL, we went to 8.0."


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Pimp Juice IT
July 12, 2018 00:57 AM

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