Remmina RDP connects but Windows shares not auto-mounting

by Adam T   Last Updated July 07, 2018 16:01 PM

I'm wondering what I could do differently in Remmina

version (git v1.2.30.1) under Solus Linux distro.

At work (on Windows 10) I use the Remote Desktop Connection software to RDP into a remote Windows 2012 r2 server. On log in, I am able to see and access shared drives (auto-mounted?).

When not at work, I use Remmina to RDP into the same remote server, and provide the exact same credentials. When I log in, I cannot see or access any of the expected Windows shares. What I can do, is open a Windows explorer window, and type a UNC address such as \\NAME-OF-MACHINE and then I am able to see and access the Shared drives.

In Remmina, I selected the "attach console" checkbox under "Advanced" section and also I have the sound enabled. But doing this didn't help.

Is there any other setting or Linux application that I should consider? Thanks.

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