Mouse cursor randomly jumping in opposite direction

by Rowan Radosav - McRae   Last Updated June 26, 2018 10:01 AM

My mouse cursor randomly starts moving in the opposite direction I move it in. quite often it just shoots into the corners/side of my screen, and I have to wait until I can start using my pc again. it never clicks or scrolls, just moves. I've tried 3 mice, 3 USB ports, 3 OS's (1 Old windows 10, 1 Linux, 1 clean win 10), updating/ uninstalling drivers, and nothing works. even the sfc/scannow command does nothing. the clean install was made using a different pc, so I think it could be something wrong with the hardware. Also, this happens in all apps. any more suggestions on what to do?

PC specs:

Lenovo thinkstation S20

Nvidia Quadro 1GB GPU

Intel Xeon W3550 CPU


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