Can unlinked FTP folders be discovered?

by MicroMachine   Last Updated June 15, 2018 09:01 AM

I use my FTP hosting account for my website. My website's files are stored at the root level (index.html, etc).

However, I need a folder on that same FTP to keep more "private" files such as ongoing projects, some databases I uses to maintain the website or project files I need to share with other collaborators.

I place these private files in a folder called "6dg56$867!66fgdf-4568dfg=fbc=".

Is it possible that a search engine bot will crawl into this folder (even if nothing public references to it), and that it will reference the files it contains, thus making them public against my wish?

I understand that there are ways to protect sub-folders in a FTP with passwords or a robots.txt file, I am asking about when this is not the case).

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