Remote desktop session frozen

by lampShadesDrifter   Last Updated July 11, 2018 22:01 PM

My host machine is using Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCM) on Windows10. Using RDCM to connect to several remote machines running CentOS7 (and connecting via xrdp (used to set up)) with their default Gnome desktop GUIs. One of the sessions in RDCM appears unresponsive to any cursor clicking.

Some info on the problem:

  • The session on this problem machine appears to be frozen after several days of remaining connected and working fine (while all of the other are OK).
  • When I move the cursor over this remote GUI session, the cursor changes to look like how it should in that OS, but I cannot click on anything or interact with anything in the remote desktop in any way
  • (and I am unable to use the remote OS's hotkeys to try anything because they only register with my local Windows OS).
  • Sometimes mouse clicks will work, but when able to click, in say a text document, the key-presses seem to go unregistered.
  • However, I can still ssh into this machine via terminal, but would like to avoid a hard KILL of the session in the interest of saving data that is not saved in that session.
  • Firewalld is inactive.

Has anyone had this problem before? What can be done to fix this?

Answers 1

This seems to be a common issue with gnome ( and What seems to help is using another terminal on local machine to ssh into the remote and restarting the gnome desktop manager via systemctl restart gdm.service. After a minute or two, going back to the frozen remote desktop session, it again appears to register mouse clicks.

July 11, 2018 21:10 PM

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