How to find out if a computer can accept higher memory capacities in various slot configs?

by ylluminate   Last Updated May 25, 2018 16:01 PM

I'm curious about memory per slot configuration on systems. I've never found clear answers, just some seeming speculative forum posts, but nothing entirely clear about this. I'll use an example to illustrate:

I have a workstation with an Intel Q77 (HP 8300 Elite CMT) that has 4 slots. This system has a max memory allowance of 32 GB., for example, says it can take a maximum of 4 x 8 GB DIMMS (for the obvious total of 32 GB).

I have found that memory prices sometimes are more cost effective for 2 x 16 GB DIMMS vs 4 x 8 GB DIMMS. I therefore may want to upgrade via the more cost effective path. It seems that one MIGHT perhaps lose a little speed by having 2 DIMMS instead (one in 2 slots vs using all 4 slots, but using two diff channels should ameliorate that, no?).

How can one determine definitively if 2 16 GB DIMMS will work on a motherboard if you cannot find the specifications clearly delineated anywhere?

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