Azure and SQL database connections

by Herbertl   Last Updated May 18, 2018 14:01 PM

i looked around for the answer to this question and nothing really seemed to give me a clear answer. Since i need this information for professional use, i'd also rather be safe than sorry. :) Here goes: I have a client who want to connect to a MS Azure server via RDP, on another Azure VM we would install a MS SQL 2016 server. Now my question is: Are these 2 VM's able to connect to each other the way they would on a physical LAN (sending SQL queries) and is this a good practice for such set-ups? The SQL server will be accessed by 10-20 users throught a seperate remote desktop server (i.e. the first server i mentioned in this post), which will connect to the SQL server (i.e. the second server i mentioned in this post) on the Azure platform.

Thanks in advance!

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