Document smears as I scroll in Acrobat Reader DC

by Kurt Weber   Last Updated May 15, 2018 20:01 PM

Whenever I open a file in Acrobat Reader DC (Windows 8.1), everything starts fine with no errors, except that the document doesn't actually display--it's just a blank white space in the area where the document displays. If I either (a) click the mouse button in the display area, or (b) switch to another program's window and then back to Reader, the first page displays fine.

So long as I don't scroll.

Once I scroll, the view seems to do what I can only describe as "smearing"--basically, a row or a handful of pixels at some location towards the bottom of the screen simply repeats itself up the screen as I scroll. Again, once I click in the display area or switch to another program and then back, it displays fine until I scroll again.

If I highlight text with the highlight tool, the highlight itself doesn't actually display except after I do the same (click or switch programs and then back).

I have no clue what's wrong here. I made no changes that I'm aware of to anything else before this started happening, and uninstalling and reinstalling Reader DC didn't fix the problem.

Interestingly, if I open the PDF in the PDF viewer in Chrome or Firefox, this problem does not happen.

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