Self-hosting without access to router

by Frenchmassacre   Last Updated April 19, 2018 19:01 PM

So I'm with an ISP that won't give me access to my router. When I moved into this apartment; I called them to ask what the router's password was to change my wi-fi's SSID & password. They told me I wasn't allowed to go in the router, that it was a breach of my contract and that if I wanted anything changed I had to call them to get someone to come in (appointment 1 month later) to do the changes and charge me around 50$... Finding that ridiculous, I connected my own router as an access point via ethernet and can therefore control my own SSID & Password at will but I cannot do more advanced functions such as port forwarding.

Now I'm working on a few freelance projects (I'm a web-developer); some of which are quite heavy (either storage hungry or processor hungry) and I want to run a small pre-production server from home (my VPS is already pushed to it's limits and I don't want to pay for a second one or upgrade). In my old apartment, I used to run such a server off a Linux machine with a dynamic DNS setup and a port-forward on my router.

Since I don't have access to the router's settings; I can't setup a port-forward... Is there anyway to run a server from home without access to these settings? (I want to deploy the server within a week to give access to clients and therefore can't wait for my "awesome" ISP to send someone over)

I have a Windows 7 machine running 24/7 for other stuff that I'd like to use.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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