Seltting up own hosting on AWS - Prestshop - Bitnami knowlegde

by Chezzers   Last Updated February 16, 2018 12:01 PM

I've been creating Prestashop sites for customers on Ipage hosting for a while now - really successful. But recently their sites have grown to become too big and are causing sql timeouts and I really need to move to something more capable for their needs.

I was wanting to know if anyone has an experience on what to do next.

I have created AWS droplets before but recently came across Bitnami.

Am i going down the right path here - thinking that Bitnami is the interface that i can give to customers to access their sites? similar to how i have been working with ipage to get their sites up and running?

I am fairly competent in creating and hardening servers on AWS (kali / Linux) but want to know if maybe Bitnami together with AWS will deal with some issues regarding some kind network security together with an easy to use interface?

Anyone been down this path?

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