mssql error: The evaluation period has expired

by david83   Last Updated January 24, 2018 18:01 PM

I am trying to install MSSQL on Centos. I followed the article here. I typed the following command to configure mssql to set a password etc.

sudo /opt/mssql/bin/mssql-conf setup

I got the following error

    The license terms for this product can be found in
    /usr/share/doc/mssql-server or downloaded from:

    The privacy statement can be viewed at:

    Choose an edition of SQL Server:
      1) Evaluation (free, no production use rights, 180-day limit)
      2) Developer (free, no production use rights)
      3) Express (free)
      4) Web (PAID)
      5) Standard (PAID)
      6) Enterprise (PAID)
      7) I bought a license through a retail sales channel and have a product key to enter.

    Details about editions can be found at

    Use of PAID editions of this software requires separate licensing through a
    Microsoft Volume Licensing program.
    By choosing a PAID edition, you are verifying that you have the appropriate
    number of licenses in place to install and run this software.

    Enter your edition(1-7): 3
    Configuring SQL Server...

    Error: The evaluation period has expired.
    /opt/mssql/lib/mssql-conf/ line 15: 74577 Aborted                 sudo -EH -u mssql /bin/bash -c "$CMDLINE"
    Setup has completed successfully. SQL Server is now starting.

I have the Package mssql-server-14.0.900.75-1.x86_64 installed. I have run sudo yum update mssql-server but it says No packages marked for update.

Can anyone help me? Why I am getting this error I am unable to proceed with the setup.

Tags : ssh centos sql ms-sql

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