Port forwarding only working when connected from inside LAN

by GalacticDessert   Last Updated January 15, 2018 11:01 AM

I have a problem with my home-server. I installed some services (i.e. couchpotato) and I now want to access them from everywhere. A bit of context:

  1. I am forced in a double NAT, as I have to use the router provided by my landlord, that also server other 2 appartments. To overcome this I managed to connect to the router admin page, and set my personal rotuer ot be in the DMZ. This way all ports should be forwarded and the douple NAT should create no more problems. Correct?
  2. My wifi-router has port forwarding set up for only the ports that I use, 5050 in this case for the couchpotato example. I set a static IP for my home server, and forwared that port using the static IP address.
  3. I also set up a DDNS (two actually, one provided my personal router, and one from no-ip)

Here's the problem. When I use the ddns from the home server itself, I can access couchpotato, even using the IP address my.ip.ad.dress:5050 in the browser, instead of localhost:5050. But when I try do to the same from outside my lan, this fails. Whan I get though, connecting to the DDNS, is on port 80 the admin page of my personal rotuer.

I tried this tool https://www.grc.com/x/portprobe=5050 and it indeed signals the port as OPEN.

I guess this means that the DMZ of the landlord router is working, and port 80 is forwarded without any specifi additional rule, but port 5050 is not pforwarded, even if I added a rule for it.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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