Windows: cmd move file recursively into another folder

by Teddybugs   Last Updated December 07, 2017 10:01 AM

i have bunch of files from different folder where i want to move it to specific folder.

i have multiple fol1 to fol10 and inside it i have multiple folder each of them has named by year randomly from 1950 to 2017, each of these year named folder will contain unknown number of files, some of it none + 1 folder called image, inside the image folder will have couples of file.

below are closely look like image, so that you can get the idea enter image description here

i would like to move

1) all the files inside the year named folder into media/ folder


2) all the files inside year/image/ into media/image


main/content/fol1/1955/fileabc.txt move to main/media/
main/content/fol2/1966/fileccc.txt move to main/media/
main/content/fol6/1977/image/filekkk.txt move to main/media/image
main/content/fol5/1988/image/filejjj.txt move to main/media/image

is there any quick way to do that from window cmd? rather than open 2 windows copy one by one?


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