Docker VPN Container should assign IP from other Network

by C. Hediger   Last Updated November 14, 2017 18:01 PM

Following scenarion:

Inet -> USG Firwall -> VLAN (192.168.90.x) -> ServerA -> Docker (172.20.0.x)
                    ¦-> 192.168.100.x 

Im running a Server behind of a Firewall inside of a VLAN. On this Server, several Containers are running. Now i would like to run a VPN as Container on the Docker. Something like this one:

Now my question is the following:

Is it possible, that my client will get an IP from the Range (Private Network) after connect to the VPN Server?

Actually i block all Traffic from the VLAN to the Private Network. I know that i will have to define some Rules to allow this traffic. This is the second problem. The first one is, how i can assign a private IP-Address to the client.

Thank you :)

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