Watch YouTube on fullscreen on weak laptop

by Thijs365   Last Updated October 27, 2017 21:01 PM

Hello dear Stack Exchange community,

I don't have a phone at the moment, so I'd like to use my laptop to watch YouTube videos. However, my laptop doesn't have much power. It has an Intel Pentium M. I can't watch YouTube in fullscreen mode, which is a real shame. So, do you guys know any combination of OS/optimalization software? Also, don't forget, I can't install operating systems that use "pae", as my cpu doesn't support it. I've got an IBM ThinkPad T41, with Lubuntu 16.04 installed. I don't care what operating system you recommend, as long as it either doesn't use "pae" or I can use "--forcepae". Also, please don't just recommend an operating system, also recommend extra software (like browsers, desktop environments, et cetera...)


Post Scriptum: You may also recommend Windows, but I don't think that's going to work well, as most light Windows versions aren't supported anymore.

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Use viewtube with mpv, or open with firefox extension with mpv.

Ipor Sircer
Ipor Sircer
October 27, 2017 20:57 PM

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