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I have been using Mac for quite some time now and to be honest I am a little disappointed how the backup system of our emails work in here. I use Apple Mail regularly and cannot switch due to company rules and regulations. I hate using different email clients for different purposes so I have kept both, my personal as well as my professional, email id in the same Email client that is apple mail. Due to the abundance of emails, I thought of making a backup and having a cleanup of my email client. So I started looking for options, and 1 option was always there that is Time Machine but it backs up everything including the mail folders. Secondly, I thought of exporting the email database, but I had to do it manually every time I wanted to backup my apple mail, that took ages to complete. I am looking for something that is only related to email backup and also the backup should be automatic in nature as if I by mistake delete any email by mistake, then I can find that in the backup. I am sure that I am not the first person to put this query in the mac world.

Hoping to find some fruitful answers. Thanks

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