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Is there a way to completelly disable Chrome's fullscreen warning message for all websites?:

Fullscreen message

It is extremelly annoying and I really cannot take it anymore. I've searched for similar questions on this website and on StackOverlfow, and also in GoogleProduct forum and similar websites, but without luck.

In older versions of Chrome, there were an option for this in contentExceptions menu under chrome://settings page. However, they've removed it in meanwhile and now I really don't see a way to disable it. Is there any plugin or something similar which is able to prevent that message from appearing?

I disabled Chrome's updates and now I can modify any files I want. However, I'm not sure what exactly causes the message to appear. Probably it is hardcoded in Chrome's main executable file (or maybe is some dll's), but I couldn't find anything about it. Basically, what exactly causes the message to appear?

If there is nothing we can do to prevent this message, is it then possible to literally modify Chrome's executable files in order to remove hard-coded assembly procedure which displays the message? In the case of latter, where is it located? In which executable file (or in which dll)?

Thank you in advance for helping. A lot of users asked similar questions, but none of them got an answer. Everyone are just saying "It is impossible, because Google implemented it to prevent malicious websites from blah blah blah.....". Anyway, there must be a way to disable it. The first step I made is to disable updates. Chrome is no longer updating files. Now I'm able to modify binaries. But which ones? Where I can find in documentation or whatever, where is such code which displays the message located? In which file, in which section?

Thanks again. Please be nice, this is one of my first questions on this website (actually the first one), so maybe my english is bad, sorry about it. Thanky you.

Thanks in advance.

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