Tab sequence in Chrome when using Ctrl+Tab

by xMRi   Last Updated May 24, 2017 07:01 AM

When I use tabs in Chrome I want to switch back and forth between the latest use tabs.

The Internet Explorer Tab sequence was adjustable to use the "latest use" sequence.

So pressing Ctrl+Tab releasing the Ctrl key and pressing it again, returns me to the previous page. So Ctrl+Tab moves me always back in the sequence of the latest used tabs.

The advantage is obvious. I opened a new tab from the current page. And I just want to get back to the previous page. If I already opened 2 other tabs from this page. I have to press Shift+Ctrl+Tab 3 times to get back to the previous page.

I couldn't find any addin that brings me back this feature. Or is there any other trick or keyboard sequence to achieve this?

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