Ethereum solotion for shopping website

by FreeJoyMan   Last Updated November 05, 2018 18:28 PM

I have a shopping website and I decide to use Ethereum

Do u have any solution for this conditions?

  • we have 2 users
  • we have 2 products with non-content price (price change randomly)
  • we don't want to know users address and also users don't know about or wallet balance too
  • I just want to user click on payment button and pay, nothing more! And then I check the payment status

What is the best idea for :

user select a product and see price, click on payment button and pay the price (that not constant and change each day), so how can figure out that user paid it and complete the order?

Is there any way such as Bitcoin to generate new payment addresses for each click (and save it in my DB and check transaction)?

Or any idea? (if u suggest smart contract, please right full code of the contract)

Edit 1 :

Also I prefer users each time see a new payment address for each product, it's so easy to trace

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