Sending ether between contracts that does not know each other

by Suzana Maranhão   Last Updated November 04, 2018 04:28 AM

I want to create a call from a smart contract A to a smart contract B.


  • I have enough ether balance in A
  • I do not know what is the name of B's function to be called
  • B's function is payable and do not accept any arguments
  • hexData is the SHA3 of the name of the B's function
  • I do not want to delegate A's storage
  • I want to fail if B's function caused an EVM exception
  • Two questions:

    a) Is it the best way to codify this need?

    function newTransferToB(address B, uint256 valueInWei, bytes4 hexData) onlyOwner {
        if(! revert();  

    b) What if I do not know the number of arguments of B's function?

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