How to understand wallets?

by btcq4u   Last Updated September 12, 2019 02:27 AM

I'm trying to generate a mnemonic seed, and everything that goes with that. I'm using c++ / libbitcoin, using the following code -

When I compile & run the following code - get this output

Address, WIF, Wallets: 

Mnemonic Word Lists: 
family episode combine ask flee weekend sword spatial vibrant leg style fancy

When I take that generated mnemonic and put it in this site -

I am getting completely different paymeny addresses.

Digging through the source code of libbitcoin it has very little function documentation & this is the only code sample I could find. So can someone help me generate a wallet in libbitcoin where the data is recognized by other wallets/services? Thanks.

Tags : c++ libbitcoin

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