(RBF) double spend transaction not showing up in searches

by RobCurr   Last Updated August 25, 2017 05:27 AM

On my first ever attempt to send my mined bitcoins from my wallet to a bitcoin exchange site I underestimated the transaction fee that would be required to get the transaction processed. So, following online advice, I posted a RBF double spend by using Bitcoin Core's Abandon Transaction and then attempted to send a duplicate sized amount to the same address as before but with a larger transaction fee. It all looks correct on my Bitcoin Core client but the transaction ID does not show up on any site that I try (blockchain.info, tradeblock.com). The original (low fee)transaction still appears when I search for it however.

Do I just have to keep waiting or is there another issue and if so, how can I solve it?

This is the transaction id: b124aa23debcae71ca41972dbeff9327160ed092bd54a4be616b6613cfa9161b


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