How to input data on one worksheet and update data table in another sheet in the same workbook

by 2shortguy   Last Updated August 14, 2019 18:26 PM

I have built a workbook (Excel 2013) with a search input sheet and various data sheets that contain standard four column tables. You choose which data sheet to search on the input sheet (a dropdown list), input a check number (this is the first column value on the tables) and Vlookup formulas on the table sheet return the data from the other three columns which is displayed on the search sheet. I want to add two columns to the tables, a Yes/No column and a Date column.The objective is to choose to update those columns from the input sheet after a successful search. A dropdown for Y/N and a cell to input Date which will then update those values on the data table. How can this be done? (Preferably without VBA). I am an intermediate Excel user.

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