Why does ThisWorkbook.Sheets.Range.Clearcontens give Applicaiton-defined or Object-defined error?

by joehua   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:26 PM

I wonder why the following line gave "Applicaiton-defined or Object-defined error"?

If Sheet6 is selected, this line runs fine. No error message. If, instead, other sheet is selected, Excel throws the error message.

ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet6").Range(Cells(1, 2), Cells(12, 1000).End(xlToLeft)).ClearContents

Answers 1

You need to qualify all your objects with your worksheet

With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet6")
    .Range(.Cells(1, 2), .Cells(12, 1000).End(xlToLeft)).ClearContents
End With

You didn't qualify Cells() with your worksheet, so it pulls from the ActiveSheet instead of Worksheets("Sheet6").

So, remember that when your thinking "It only works when it's on that sheet" then this is going to be the issue.

November 08, 2018 23:20 PM

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