Finding Equivalent Transistors (BC178 and 2N2646)

by Nate Houk   Last Updated September 11, 2019 23:25 PM

I have an old schematic which uses two obsolete transistors, the BC178 and the 2N2646.

By searching I was able to find that the BC178 can be replaced by the BC177 as written on this page:

I haven't been able to find an equivalent for the 2N2646. I did find a page that appears to let you enter in the specs of the transistor and it will list equivalents, but I am not well versed in transistors to understand how to use the cross-reference calculator which is available here:

I was expecting it to be easier to find equivalent replacements for these older obsolete devices, but it seems to be difficult.

Can anyone please provide me information as to how I can find replacement parts for these two transistors, and guide me towards resources to make it easier to find equivalents in the future?

I exhausted my search capabilities on google searching for "replacement" and "equivalents" of those two devices. It is overwhelming to me the numerous number of transistors and I am struggling to understand the very small differences in spec.

Thank you in advance for your wisdom!

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