What safety regulations do I need to follow for wiring of a decorative lamp utilizing a fluorescent tube with g10q fitting?

by user19756   Last Updated August 14, 2019 13:25 PM

I'm building a cast concrete decorative lamp. It will use an exposed circular fluorescent bulb, which attaches to a g10q lampholder. I understand I will need to wire it up to a ballast and starter, which I will enclose within the concrete lamp base.

I'm planning on trying to sell these lamps online and to local retailers in the UK. What safety regulations and requirements should I follow, and where can I find them?

I know they should be PAT tested as a minimum, but I have struggled to find any other definitive answers as to how I can reassure retailers that my lamps won't electrocute their customers, or burn their stores down.

Thank you all!


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