Replacing USB power with simple power supply

by Ian   Last Updated May 23, 2019 10:25 AM

I've bought a bunch of dlink wifi cameras for my home. These all come with 5V wall wart psus connecting to the camera using what appears to be a simple 2 core cable terminated in a micro USB socket.

There are, of course, no power outlets close to where I would like to position the cameras. So I have to extend the cables and, rather than terminating each in a separate plug, I was wondering if I could simply run a 5V pair supplied by a beefier psu, possibly with battery backup, around the house and hang all the cameras in parallel off that.

iirc though, proper usb devices do some kind of power negotiation at start up, which, presumably, would prevent them being used in parallel. How might I determine if these cameras are simply using the microUSB as a convenient small physical plug, or if there's anything special going on?

This article ( suggests I might be able to just ignore the whole thing anyway. Is that realistic?

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