STM32WB55 Nucleo bluetooth stack firmware binary in bootloader mode

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I want to upgrade the firmware for the bluetooth stack on the STM32WB. It requires the device to be in boot loader mode and power from the user USB not ST-LINK usb. However I've not programmed a device in this way before, should it be programmed through the user USB interface, or should i use an ST-Link device and wire up SWDIO...etc to be able to connect to the device?

Instructions provided are below: but they make no reference to using ST-Link.

Following the instructions as is I cannot connect to the device (it doesnt appear in device management) when just connected via USB User.

STEP 1: Use STM32CubeProgrammer

    Version 1.4 or higher.

    It gives access to Firmware Upgrade Service (FUS) (AN 5185) through Bootloader.

    It is currently available as Command Line Interface (CLI) mode.

STEP 2: Access to Bootloader USB Interface (system flash)
    Boot mode selected by Boot0 pin set to VDD
        For NUCLEO-WB55.Nucleo :
            Jumper between CN7.5(VDD) and CN7.7(Boot0)
            Power ON via USB_USER and Jumper J2(USB_MCU)
        For NUCLEO-WB55.USBDongle :
            Move switch SW2 to Boot0
            Connect WB55.USBDongle

STEP 3 : Delete current wireless stack :
    STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe -c port=usb1 -fwdelete

STEP 4 : Download new wireless stack :
    STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe -c port=usb1 -fwupgrade [Wireless_Coprocessor_Binary] [[email protected]] firstinstall=1

Please check Binary Install Address Table for [email protected] parameter depending of the binary.

STEP 5 : Revert STEP 2 procedure to put back device in normal mode.

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